From, A Mama

Dear Mama,

I’m not sure what stage of motherhood you’re in right now. Maybe you just found out you’re pregnant. Maybe you just had your first newborn, or maybe you had your fifth. Maybe your kids are getting older – all in school, maybe some graduated, or maybe all are adults.

Today I started my prayer journal entry with, “Lord, this is hard.” I’m home alone, trying to do some form of homeschooling with my four older children (all ages 7 and below) while also caring for my 1-month-old son. It’s so hard.

Whatever stage you’re in, I bet it’s hard for you, too. “It’s just a stage” can seem a bit laughable sometimes, can’t it? It may just be a stage, but there’s another “stage” coming up right behind it. Being a mama isn’t easy, from that first moment you see those two pink lines all the way through to having adult children. It’s hard.

It’s not that there isn’t a lot of joy, too. There’s so much joy. And it’s not that there are never easy moments, where all seems right in your world. There are…but they usually are just moments, and then there’s another crisis-that’s-not-really-a-crisis to deal with. Or maybe it is really a crisis.

It’s not all hard. But a lot of it is. Yet we chose to be mamas anyways. Did we not know it was going to be this hard? Did no one tell us? Or did we go into it eyes wide open, but knowing it was going to be worth it anyway?

Because it is, isn’t it? It’s so hard…but so worth it.

I just wanted to tell you that I’m in it with you. You’re not alone, and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone either. I wish it wasn’t this hard, but going through it with you makes it a just tiny bit easier. Let’s not forget to share our real-life struggles with each other, ok? I might not be able to answer the phone all the time, but I’ll do my best to text you back, even if it’s just “I totally get it” or “That’s so hard…want to grab coffee this weekend?”.

Let’s do the hard parts together.


A Mama

Desperate: Overcoming Postpartum Depression while Overseas

In February of 2013 I wrote a post that you can find here. It was about how impactful the book ‘Desperate: Hope for Moms Who Need to Breathe’ was on my life. This post is based on that post.

I had had a hard winter. In a future post, I’ll write more about the whys of that, but it culminated with me crying in our bathroom for an hour and deciding I needed to go to the doctor because I just didn’t feel right or like myself. I was having more bad days than good, and even the good ones weren’t great. I was always tired. I had lost too much weight unintentionally. I was starting to resent my kids. I was desperate. Continue reading “Desperate: Overcoming Postpartum Depression while Overseas”